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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Simple Story of Learning


Every time I meet new friend or friends, I always remember this experience when I was still a seminarian in my Theology year. I was assigned into a certain GKK or Basic Ecclesial Community chapel at Km 9, Matina, Pangi, Davao City. After the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist, my classmate and I, still wearing our albs, went to the community and immersed ourselves.

I saw kids playing near the chapel and I went to them and we played. In the middle of our game, one kid asked me “Kuya, ngano nakipag-amigo ka sa amoa?” (Brother, why do you befriended us?). As I was about to answer, another kid said “Ilaha man nang trabaho, maunsa diay ka…” (Don’t you know, it’s their job)

I was out of words to answer the kid’s question anymore… My previous answer is no longer applicable. I reflected…

Am I a friend or it’s just part of my duty? 

What kind of friend am I to my friends? 

Am I a friend because I can gain something from them? Or

Am I a kind of friend because I need them in my life?

What if they don’t want me, am I still a friend to them?

If they are just showing friendship because of out of respect, am I still a friend?

Am I a friend even if in time they will forget that you were friends?

Or am I a friend even though friendship offers pain and can’t gain anything from friendship?

~Thanks for Reading~

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