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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


by: Marion Kit

Waaaa... I've forgotten this post! I remember I did not finished and never edited this one. It was just a draft yet it was published... SORRY! But now, after 1 looooonnnggg YEAR, it's done at 12:51 noon of August 11, 2016. 

Walang Forever” a viral statement nowadays. I really don't know when and how this statement came into existence. Many were using this before and during that time it has no negative impact on people. Today when one says "Walang Forever" it's different, the sense of it changes, it has new meaning, and it is associated with breakups. The world redefine its meaning; giving it a negative ambiance.  

I use this statement too for the sake of jokes and for some reasons... for fun of course. When a man feels so down, burdened, unhappy and the like because of pain or sufferings, I say, “Don’t worry walang forever. In time you will be happy and all your sorrows will be gone.” Or “there’s always rainbow after the rain.” Forever does not exist so don't worry, your sufferings will not last forever.

“Forever” does it exists or not? Philosophically, it exists. Following the principle of Rene Descartes ‘cogito ergo sum’ (I think, therefore I am) , The mere fact that a person says “walang forever” (there’s no forever), it exist; there is forever. Reality speaking, if you believe nothing will suffice.

"Left Alone"

Too much practicality (I said too much), the generation of ‘instant’, the subtle blast of media inculcating new ideas to humanity, the era of man is the measure of all things shaped up the mindset and understanding of men today and because of this subtle manipulation of the world on human minds, men tend to lose hope, shifting the meaning of Love into practical love, and to lose faith in goodness.

Let us go back to the time when men believed in “forever.” This was the time when our parents, grandparents, great great grandparents understood what forever means. Forever is not a mere word that once a person enters into a relationship (any kind of relationship), the latter will be in automatic eternity. It is a DUTY, a RESPONSIBILITY. The old ones taught us that if we want our relationship to last till the end, DO IT! SAVE IT! BELIEVE IN IT! and BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT!

"Save It"

DO IT! SAVE IT! BELIEVE IN IT! and BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT! are sentences that give command. An action not just an emotion. If man wants to have a relationship that would last forever, work for it, do it and never give up on it no matter how hopeless it is. Any relationship is a work in progress. When does this work-in-progress end? No one knows. Will this work-in-progress last forever? If you will work for it and never give up on it.

Let me end my obsolete thoughts with a story of DUTY.

There was once a kung fu student who believed that his master was immortal. He kept telling this to everyone he meets. But one day his master was heavily wounded from battle and about to die. The student sat on his master’s side. His master said his last words to his student... towards the end of their conversation, the teary eyed students said to his master,

“I will always remember you.”

"Now...” the master replied, “...that’s what immortality means.”  



  1. Forever??? I don't believe it will happen


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