10 Photo stories I took in Davao City

My 10 Photo Stories of Davao City

Here are 10 photos I took with my mobile phone that shows what Davao City is. These may not be the best or photo-pro photos, but it kinda hit my taste in telling stories. Davao City is cool and absolutely Life is Here!

"No Fear"

 "Fun Show"


"Happy People"

"Safe Walk"

"Road to Zion"

 "Love City"

"The Source of Light"

 "Night walk is Clear"

"Heavenly Foods"

These are only some of the stories I can tell about Davao City. Discover Davao City and enjoy your stay... LIFE IS HERE!



  1. But this photographer does not now how to take photos. He or she's such an amateur. Learn photography first before posting your photos.

  2. Never knew that there is beauty in street snaps.

  3. Pictures speaks

  4. so peaceful and serene.. a beautiful city indeed


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