DETAILS: Dominique's 1st Birthday celebration


1st birthday is one of the most special moments that must treasured. Yes it does not matter if you're rich or not, if it's so luxurious or no party at all... all that matters is it is celebrated with full of Love and Happiness. Of course, the 1 year old baby will never understand all these but when he or she grows up and look at the pictures he or she had before will surely put a smile in his/her heart.

I covered the 1st birthday celebration of Dominique Lauren last February 2016 and it was really awesome. From the details to foods to the people who were there and the family of Dominique.

But since I was told not to post any pictures with faces on my blog, so I am posting the details of the celebration. Yes, no human faces in this post but it does not mean we cannot fathom how joyful and festive the celebration went. Yes, it was a festive celebration.

And the Birthday Girl, Dominique Lauren :D




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