by: Marion Kit

This post is not about what is happening inside the Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ) but something that is at the fringe of what is expected.

When it comes to weird concepts in street photography, I am one of the many. I love taking random shots from my day to day journey and most of them are weird. I manage to take few shots inside a public utility vehicle, just for my self alone and was not planning to post these photos cause definitely it's weird and not interesting... 
but when I sorted my photos I never thought these photos have stories to tell. 

"No differences"
In life, everyone is welcome to ride the vehicle towards our goal, to be Morally Happy (not just happy but Happy). No discrimination, no biases, we all have the right to be Happy and no one can deprived it from us. So come on let's ride to Happiness.

"Dark and Shadows"
Why people can't see me? How come I am always the least one? I tell you, someone Sees you more than you and others do.  you are Noticed more than others noticed you... be aware and be vigilant of His Hand; once you see it, grab It cause surely it will pull you out from the darkness

One might be envious because others have many... just wait, don't get envy cause something very special will be given to you at the right time. You are empty now and others are full because something very important will be lodged into you.

"Look Back"
Look back so you can step forward.

"Alone but not"
In our journey we might experience or have experienced walking alone towards our goal but never lose hope, prepare yourself always and be cautious because on one of the many corners someone is waiting for you... just NOTICE it so you can SEE in the shadows.

"Colors from a unsaturated life"
Life, no matter how difficult it is, hold on cause difficulties are just ingredients for a colorful life.

"Freedom to Text"
In this city, any one can freely text or call using expensive gadgets in the public.

People yawn because of tiredness and boredom, but she is surely tired from her office work; working for her beloved family.



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