- Dr. Harold Blake Walker

This is one of the many stories I like and influenced me during my in seminary days up to now.

(Thanks Ms. Cj Sering for allowing me to post this photo of yours)

Once there was a man, according to an old tale, who was so filled with despondency that he decided to commit suicide. He started on his long walk across the city toward the bridge which was to be his jumping-off place. But he promised himself that if he'll meet one smiling, happy friendly-looking person on the way, he would turn back from his bitter errand.

Oddly, the story ends without answering the question whether or not the mission ended with suicide. The tale, however, poses a question, one of those haunting personal questions which pop into mind now and then. If that man had met you, would he have turned back and taken up his life with a measure of courage? 
Well, would he?

So, please share your smile to everyone.... 
(not the plastic smile, please). 

(Photo above: from the net)



  1. Smile is human's powerful arsenal... it can change one's life. :D

  2. Indeed. So, wear your smile everyday :D

  3. The baby's picture is so cute and funny hahahaha

  4. Gwapaha ni Cj uy.



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