We take pictures everyday, any kind of pictures: portrait, fashion shoot, landscape photography, selfie, groufie or just snapshots and edit them with our favorite Apps and photo editors then upload these images on social medias. Nothing is wrong with photo editing or post processing, it is enhancing our photos to be more beautiful and more presentable but sometimes there are subtle mistakes we do in our post process and I think no one pays attention to it. But its kinda bothering for me and for some out there.

Before going to my point let me say these few things first:

Photography is telling stories being directed or not directed. Stories being expressed through a photograph must say something realistic, true, and give good information. 

I am a fan of photos. I love looking at any kinds of photos be it a snapshot or a photograph. I don't care how it is composed or how it is being shot as long as it is telling something. Every photo or a picture is a painting that says a thousand words. No mistake in photography, only better shots and off shots. What makes a photo wrong is when it is giving the viewer false truth.

Maybe I am just a little conservative about the truthfulness of a photo. Photo manipulation is a different thing. It is painting with photos to achieved the desired goal/message. I do photo manipulation too. Here's an example of my photo manipulation work. From six (6) unique photos combined results to one new unique photo. 

I am not a professional photographer or an artist but I've noticed that many photos posted on the net are weirdly edited. I am not good in editing photos but I guess photo editing means enhancing it, not making it not real. I don't know if it is done in purpose but it bothers me (I think, only me). My concern is not how the photo or picture was taken or composed but how it is being edited

Here are some of the common photo editing mistakes I've noticed.

(NOTE: I edited my photos posted here because I don't want to use "their" photos in my post because I feel it is not proper and appropriate. Sorry for ruining purposely the photos below for the sake of this post.)


Everyone love vibrant colors and the vintage style colors. Apps today gives us filters that could boost and lessen colors but sometimes boosting and removing of colors affects our images.

>> A little bit of enhancing colors is fine.


I noticed that some photos were in heavy HDR and too  much Tonal Contrast. Many edit their photos into this because HDR it looks cool, but here it isn't. Both tools are not bad, but it becomes "bad" if not used properly. In portraits of people, Do not do too much HDR or too much Tonal Contrast.

>> HDR and Tonal Contrast have their purpose and in this case, they are not applicable. If anyone would like to use HDR or Tonal Contrast in portraits or photos of people, reduce the value of the filter a bit. 


(Photo above is from my friend, Ms. Meng)

We all know that there are so many downloadable photo filters now and they are really cool in photo editing but some use it inappropriately. Instead of making the photo appealing, it destroys the beauty of the image.

>> Know the use of the filters if it is for landscape or for portrait or for beauty shots. Knowing it is not that difficult... let's use our intuition and the sense of reality.


Most photos today have this magical lens flare and light. At first glance the photo looks okay but if you'll look closely, you'll noticed the lens flare coming from her right side (facing towards me)

Issues here are: 

First, there was no light on that particular area. The light was on her left side. See the shadows on her right face? Why on earth she had that shadows on her right if there is light on that side?

Second, lens flare happens when there's something that bounces the light back or there is a light straight to the camera.

>> When using lens flare or adding light, please study the picture first and noticed where the light comes from. Remember the basic light and shadow rule.



We love to look pretty and handsome in our photos. No blemishes, no scars, no dark skin. . . again, nothing's wrong with it. But for some, "OMG!" might be the first reaction.

I've seen so many photos in social media today that were overly filtered with beauty apps just to look "beautiful" but the outcome makes them look like mannequins, or someone else, or worse they look like a ghost or a white lady.   I've seen landscape.photos also were filters were overdone.

>> Let's try not to overdo the App and filter. Just minimize the app or filter value so that the photo could look good.

All in all post processing depends on how the one processed his/her photo. But I think there is a certain criteria that makes a better picture or photo. . . "that is the real feel of it." Again, no mistakes in photography only better shots and off shots. So, let's post process our pictures/photos properly.

To give justice to the photos above that I purposely ruined, here they are in my own way of post processing.


Happy Happy

Boo ni Meng

Birthday Girl




  1. GReat tips! Yes I see many of the same issues too. Would love if you can link up to http://the-wardrobe-stylist.com/2016/07/24/losing-baby-weight-4-pregnancies-3-kids-later-episode-3/

  2. Hi, @The Wardrobe Stylist, good day to you. Yup, very common issues in this generation :D Yes, I will link up your blog :D

  3. nice observation.. keep it up ��

    1. Thanks, Sir Rodel. Hope to work with you again soon :D


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