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Saturday, July 9, 2016


Black and White ProJECT
by: Marion Kit

There is an old quote that says, “If you want to shoot fashion, shoot in color, but if you want to shoot emotion, shoot in black and white.” Ask me who said it, I don't know. I just happen to read it online and the author of that article doesn't know who said it. . .  then I grabbed my small camera and asked my friend if I can take random photos of her. 

Why Black and White? Honest answer, I don't know... Black and White images just hit me more than colorful photos. I am not saying colored photos don't have emotions. Black and White Images have a special feel. It makes the inner beauty of the image more specifically-visible. It's direct, plain and simple. 

The camera I used is not a professional camera and it can't handle low light situation well but I love this camera so much. My shutter value is 20, aperture 3.5, and ISO 1600 and the only light at the moment is the office fluorescent bulb and these shots were all handheld. Even though it's not that sharp, still the simplicity and the beauty of the subject is clear. The emotion of the photos is visible. . . I am grateful I achieved my goal, capturing emotions. 

“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” 
– Andri Cauldwell

Maybe to some my taste is classic but it does not matter, still for me nothing compares the beauty, the mood, and the unique mystique feel of a photo when it is Black and White. There is more in less

Muse: Niña Angela Malinao
Photo by: Marion Kit



  1. Hala, wala jd diay napost huhu bitaw sir! Gwapo kaayo ang shots miskan daut kog nawong haha thank you sirr!��

  2. aweeeee asa ang daut ug nawong? hahaha wala man, Nin. hahahaha.

  3. Black n white images are more direct to the soul than colorful ones.


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