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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Today, feeling stress is pretty much inevitable. The society demands a lot from us. Our work is asking us to be up to date always; even our personal life demands us to be well competent in every aspect of our life or else we will be "left out"

What I've mentioned above are few of the many stressors in our life. 

Everyone are prone to stress...RELAX. We forget how to relax because we don't have time to relax. 

There was a story about a man who was so hardworking. 24/7 he works then he got sick. His complain was he could not find time to rest because of his very tight schedule. If God can add another hour, he will surely rest. Because God loves him so much He added another hour in a day, instead of 24 hours, it's 25 hours a day so that the man could rest. When the man was fully restored to health, again, his 24 hours was fully booked. God smiled because the man has still 1 hour to rest. Towards the end of the day, the man received a call 

      "Hello, Sir. We would like to have an appointment with you. Do you have time for us?" 

The man thought for a while, looked on his timeline, he saw another one free hour, the 25th hour, so he replied

      "Yes sir, I still have time."

The story might be exaggerated but somehow it is true. We forget how to relax because we see our work very important. According to Bertrand Russell, and I quote “One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.” I am not saying it is totally bad, but every too much is not good anymore. Find time to relax. John Lubbock said “Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”

How to do we relax? The following may not be true to anyone but to me it is. Everyone has his or her own style in terms of relaxing. 

1. Take one thing at a time

Well taking one thing at a time is not good for work that demands multi-tasking activities. but I say, even in multi-tasking work, you can still take one thing at a time. Planning your day is the best solution here and proper management of time.

Go slow, and breathe. Don't be in a hurry or else you'll achieved your goals with many mistakes.

2. Stop being Atlas

Most of us love to do our work alone like atlas carrying the world alone. I think a li'l help from others will help us lighten our load.

3. Don't be a mentalist.

Yes, I do Mentalism, mind reading, during my magic performance but it is only for entertainment. Our everyday journey, we don't need to guess always, just simply ask cause every question has answer, every problem has solutions, 

Try to communicate to others because we do not possessed all the answers to every questions or the solutions to every problems. 

4. Set goals for your day

Goals could be achieved with ease when we plan and manage well our day.

5. Don't push yourself to the limit

This will contradict to the saying "Push your self to the limit"... what I am pointing here is not in the same sense with that quotation. Everyone feels tired during an 8 hour work, if one feels TIRED, take a break, (don't stop, just take a break) or else we will be wasting our time.

I always remember our head of the office, Mr. Rody Puyos keeps on saying, "if you're tired, go out and relax. Don't push your self or else mistakes will be inevitable." 

6. Avoid Procrastination 

If you can do it today, do it now. If you won't, more work loads and more deadlines to beat.

7. If it can't be done, there's tomorrow.

DON'T PROCRASTINATE, but there are times we can't always achieved our planned goals because of some circumstances we can't avoid. Don't get mad or down, it will only suck more of your energy and will only add stress. Just tell your self, "there's still tomorrow."

8. Just do what is right

Doing what is morally right saves us from negative energies and extra mind-thinking-of-what-defense-should-I-do. That's really tiresome. 

9. Disengage during weekend

It is really helpful when you disconnect from the demands from your work during weekend. Do something what you love to do and enjoy. Go to shopping malls, to beautiful places that looks nothing like your work place: beach, mountain resorts, or simply bond with your friends and talk much and eat your heart out! 

On my part, I just stay at home or I'll just grab my camera and see the world differently and then capture some stories. Blogging helps me relax and maintain my sanity. 

Just make sure you take time to do what you love to do. 

10. Have some Kitkat

Yup you read it right, have a break, have a Kitkat... what I mean is eat delicious and yummy foods and desserts. 

Life is too short, stay away from negativity or else you won't see Beauty.

If you're burned out, have a break. . . then FIRE IT UP!



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