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Monday, July 11, 2016


Everyone thinks of buying great cameras with high-speed shutter, great low light performance, sharp details. . .  I said to myself, "be contented with what you have." Yes I have cameras and I don't need to mention their brands and models because I am not endorsing any or I stick to one brand. . .  I am endorsing what is in our hand be it high-end or low-end. What matter is it can capture moments.

Yes, better cameras are great I don’t have to explain that. But what if we only have low-end camera, does it mean it cannot take better photos?

I challenged myself using my old basic phone with 1.3MP cam. The camera features full auto mode except for the zoom in/out feature.

Here are some of my shots:

Tried Macro shot. . .

Low lights gave me problems but nothing beats black and white.

Another more challenging cam is this button camera. It has 640-480 VGA resolution, full auto mode, no zoom in and out, only zoomed in already... and it has no preview screen. So you'll never know what "it" looks like. Just point the camera lens and press the shutter without knowing how the image looks like.

Here are some results of this li'l thing:

Captured pictures are blurry and the camera is not good in low lights but even though it is very limited, the camera’s output are still very artistic... they look like abstract paintings.

Testing in very low light situation: 6:48PM inside a public utility jeep.

 All in all I am happy with my shots. The camera phone is better because you can see what you want to shoot and you can compose your image properly compared to the button camera. The camera phone have more than the button cam but only the button cam makes an images looks like an abstract painting.

My point here is, a camera has its own limits to its specifications but it does not hinder one to capture perfect moments. Any camera could make a masterpiece... Just make the best out of it.

Each life has its own limit. Some are great in terms of money, but some are great in terms of family (including friends). Some may have less, and some may have more but that does not mean one cannot be Truly Happy because of his or her limitation. Just like what I said "The camera phone have more than the button cam but only the button cam makes an images looks like an abstract painting."

Stop complaining... Be contented and simply make the best out of it! IT'S JUST LIMITATIONS, Most of us have not yet fully explored our limits... 

Photo above is not mine. 
I saw it from Facebook before and grabbed it. Credits to the author of this pic.



  1. It's the talent and the eye for beauty that matters... :)

  2. Yay, Thanks tin :D naaaa... it's like you... you have better eyes and brilliant mind :D


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