When there is light there is shadow and because of this light the shadow seems not to exists.

Both of you were created to build your world...

But most of the time you only recognize him/her when something is wrong. . . 

. . .but in your happy moments you couldn't recognize him/her.

Most of the time you just laugh at him/her and say  "Who cares?"

He/She  always See and Accompanies you but you just can't live with him/her in your happiest hours.

He/She is always there whenever you do something stupid and never abandoned you no matter what. . .  but you still ignore his/her presence because you are enjoying with your stupid-ness. . . 

Sometimes or most of the times he/she gives way to your desires but he/she never fail to remind you what is right to be done and wrong to be avoided because he/she desires you to be Morally Happy yet still he/she gives you your freedom to choose.

Who is He/She? 

Your parents?

Your Friend?

Your Lover?

He/She is that tiny voice in your heart. . .

He/She is that everyone calls, CONSCIENCE.



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