First things first, this is not a product review. LOL!

This is one way of me immortalizing a gift given to me by a friend, and co-member of the Davao Mystic Magic Community who’s now working in Manila, Mr. PJ Gratuito. Thanks men for this.

This is not the first edition of Vintage deck that Ellusionist produced. I used to own one, the 1st Edition but I sold it. This Vintage deck is more powerful than the first ed aside from being eye-catching.

Here are some photos I took using Canon 600D and an 18-55mm kit lens. I tried to make the photos look antique too because that's how I felt whenever I am holding this deck...but this is all I can do... I could do it in Photoshop but I decided not to. It defeats my purpose if I'll do it so I just watermark it.

The vintage deck gives you the feel that you’re holding a super antique item in your hand or gives you the feel of being warped back in the 18 century. It’s more mysterious and more magical than a regular deck of cards. It’s like Houdini used this deck in his time...

The quality of the 2014th edition deck is smoother than the first ed. The latter cannot be fanned or spread perfectly but the former it can easily do the trick. Thanks to Ellusionist for upgrading the deck, for the perfect printing of it. The Bicycle Vintage Deck 1800 series are durable and good quality.

The Vintage Deck 1800 Series comes in Red and Blue. Both decks have the same quality and superb for magic performance.



  1. I love Ellusionist Decks. I have plenty collectible Bikes



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