"Change the Way You See Beauty"

What is important, beauty or brain? The question is very common mostly in local beauty pageants, in schools, and other events. Ever since childhood, in my humble mind I answered the question with a different answer from the obvious common answer. I choose Beauty over brain. What is beauty without brain? is not the question but what is brain not being part of the Beautiful.

1. Beauty is The Complete Package

The world has produced lots of brainy men and women but having no brains. Each individual has his/her own unique beauty no matter how he/she looks like. Beauty is complete; it is the wholeness of the one... including the brain. Beauty is like “what is kare-kare without bagoong?” What is spaghetti without a sauce? What is a man without a soul? What is a man not being a rational animal?

"Kare-Kare and Bagoong: A complete Package"

The world, not the World, is inculcating some sort of standards about beauty to mankind, hence making us insecure of being who we are. 

Everyone has Beauty. It's unique among individuals and it makes us Beautiful. No matter how imperfect we are, we are perfect being imperfect. Imperfections, mistakes, sufferings, pains are just spices of life... making life full of Beauty; because we become stronger, smarter, wiser, and through these we develop this so called "the sense of understanding life better". 

Like in Kare-kare, bagoong is not always delicious it’s so salty, and doesn’t look and smell good (always). Kare-kare looks good but it lacks of taste. When kare-kare is paired with bagoong, its soooo yuuummmyyy. Bagoong and Kare-kare compliment with each other same as with spaghetti, the pasta and the sauce. When you say Kare-kare, it has bagoong with it, when you say spaghetti, Pasta and spaghetti sauce is served as one dish; the totality of One. Beauty is the total package. It is the wholeness of one.

Beauty is perfection yet having some imperfections because it is the wholeness. Perfecting this imperfection results to Beauty. It does not mean if we are like this, we remain like this

2. Beauty is the Goodness in You that radiates outward

It’s okay to change something to make life better. It is not changing the Who We Are but enhancing the Real We in us. There was this young woman who seems to be distant, silent, moody and I have never seen her smile before if she did it’s just a half way smile just to show respect to people around her. Her hair covered half of her face. Then there was this concerned young man, a friend of mine, told her if she could brush her hair up and put a full smile on her face. One morning, I saw her face for the first time, she simply pony tailed her hair; she was really pretty and what makes her more beautiful was her smile. Everyone was in “OMG is that her?” Later, she’s not moody anymore, she’s not distant and really, she’s happy. She radiates her happiness to everyone and that’s a real beauty. 

"Beauty is not ONLY about having pretty face but a beautiful heart that radiates outward."

If some people don’t like us for being who we are, bully us or dump us for being the most-ugliest (redundantly intended) person in the world in their eyes, don’t fall down and be consumed by negativity. Yes it is painful, hurtful, cruel, unkind, and all the negative emotions we feel are real and true but always remember this stupid analogy of mine, not everyone loves kare-kare or spaghetti, and absolutely there are people who loves kare-kare and spaghetti. Beauty is The You in you. Beauty is not ONLY about having a pretty face but a beautiful heart that radiates outward.

"Hand in Hand: Beauty sometimes it camouflage with pains and suffering, it hides in the shadows, but once you See it, you’ll be addicted to it."

Beauty is always there waiting for certain Eyes to discover it. Sometimes it camouflage with pains and suffering, it hides in the shadows, but once you See it, you’ll be addicted to it. Helping me capture stories of beauty is my camera. But sometimes my camera could take some time taking it out from my camera bag and precious beautiful moments are gone when I am ready. But with Huawei P9, I’ll never miss stories of beauty because it’s handy; it’s always in my hands ready for capturing moments plus Huawei P9’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others.

The reason why I choose beauty over brain is because the former comprises the latter. Just like Huawei P9, it's complete :D


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