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Thursday, September 29, 2016


Few days ago I posted about how our office was eaten by fire. This is not an update about it but an interesting scene that happened during that disaster...

As seen in the photos below, our office was really burned down by the huge fire. Everything on our table were turned into ashes: documents, desktop computers, printers, telephone, and many others…

Photo below is or was my desk. Everything on my desk was eaten by fire. My desktop monitor, keyboard, mouse and its system unit (CPU), documents were burned and melted… 

I was with my friend and co-employee, Nissi that time documenting the remains of the fire when I saw this particular thing on my desk and immediately took a picture of it. I told Nissi to look at it and he too took a video clip about it. 

I cleaned up the top of my system unit to confirm if what I saw was real while my friend was taking a video clip... 

Okay, to some this is just so ordinary but to me it’s different. It’s one way of reminding me “Hey, I am still here.” A reminder that I still have Him no matter what the situation is.

What is it? It’s my Breviary (Christian Prayer Book), or many call it “bible”. It contains the Word of God, Psalms, and Prayers. I owned this book since 2000 when I was still in the seminary. I placed this on my desk as my constant reminder that Christ is always with me. 

It's clear, nothing happened to my “bible” despite of the heavy fire and heat; only minimal discoloration of the cover and laces. I am not saying this is a miracle (to me it is… another encounter with God) because it can be explained by science why it was not burned. How? I don’t know.

For me, all scientific explanations why my Breviary was not burned were tools made by God to protect His Word to remind us that He is present and He will constantly, in whatever ways, remind us that He is with us always. “Hey, I am here and still here. Have faith in Me. Whatever happens I will never leave you. My Word will never be broken.”

 Whatever trials, sacrifices, discomforts, sufferings, and disappointments we are having or facing right now let’s not forget that Jesus Christ will never abandon us. We have a Big God who will always help us always for our big problems. Always because His Love and Word for us endures forever.



  1. Oh wow - it was still there.
    What a beautiful reminder.

    1. Yes indeed truly a beautiful reminder. God bless always


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