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Thursday, September 22, 2016


"I can't take good stories with this bridge camera. I wish I had a camera like yours (referring to a Canon 60D)" said student A to student B.

That's what I heard from the conversation of two Mass Communication students from a well known university in the city talking about their subject's assignment. I don't know what's "the assignment" was but am sure it's about photography and related to the Kadayawan Festival which was celebrated last August 19-21, 2016 in my city. I was challenged by the statement, a bridge camera cannot make GOOD stories. This idea came into my mind after hearing it, why not tell stories well through photography using Smart Phones. So I did dare challenge my self. . .

"My Time"

This post is not about HOW TO TAKE AND MAKE STRONG PHOTOGRAPHS, but again a li'l challenge for my self if I can get good stories using only my humble smartphone camera with my own approach in photography. For those who knew me, I am a person who believed that any camera, high-end or low-end, can capture strong beautiful images; that it is not the arrow that hits the mark, but the archer.

The one thing that connects from viewers into a piece of art, in this case a photo, is the ability of the latter to transmit or convey its emotion to the viewers. In short, the viewer can relate to the story of the image. 

"The Endless Travel"

Emotional Impact to people is one of the key of having a strong photo. It makes a single image standout among others. The Feel is there; however, we all know that it is tangible. 

 "Made to Help"

Most of the time it is hard to say that this is the emotion that the author wanted to convey or how the author feels when he/she took that particular photo. This is the real challenge among artists. I find it really difficult. 

I don't shoot base on what everybody says or just because it is pleasant to my eyes. I shoot because of how I feel at that moment upon seeing the subject of interest although I can't capture and project in my photos most of the emotion I want because my approach in photography is I don't make photos, I take photos and make it. My subjects moves a lot in their natural phase. 

 "Don't worry, am here!"

The difference between Taking and Making a photo is how the photo was taken. Making photos is when the photographer directs the subject or arranged the scene. I do this during bridal shoot or debut shoots. Taking photos is when the photographer do not dip his hands on the scene. He/she just wait for a certain moments and take a shot. In my Street Photography, I do not direct my subjects, I don't even know them, I wait the spur of the moment and compose my image in my mind and when it's there, I click.

"After Service"

Pictures says a thousand words . . . there are many words not being uttered by the mouth but said by the heart because there are things that the mind cannot understand but the heart can. By any chance you can capture it, why not take a click and preserve that moment.

A beautiful image do not always include human's face to show emotions. Photos above remind me about life. Left photo: "Stepping Stone", and  Right photo: "Gasa: You are remembered

What I learned from this CHALLENGE was, for me, I've proven to my self that any camera, even smartphones, can take and make great photos. In terms of conveying emotion through photography, it's not that easy. This is not only for smartphone cameras but for all types of camera because capturing emotion relies on the person behind the lens.

"Super Hero"

Often times I photograph a scene thinking it's damn good only to find out the image was so disappointing to the point I can tell my self am not doin' any progress in my craft, but I keep telling my self too to keep practicing and enjoy photography using any camera I could use. I know my photos are not that professionally-strong, technically below average but then again, I don't care as long as I enjoyed taking them, and expressing my self in my photos.

Anyone can take and make great photograph with a beautiful story using what is in our hand be it smartphone camera, point and shoot camera, bridge camera, or DSLR because what makes a photo is the person behind the camera.

Keep Seeing, keep clicking, keep on capturing moments, and keep on telling better stories.

All photos are captured using SM UPVision


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