Kulay (color) do have some scopes to tell. . .

I love abstract masterpieces. There's more to it than a straight forward images. More and deeper emotions are instilled and it ralates to anyone who sees it. True not every human being loves abstract art but not evryone loves Michael Jackson too or Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry or Lebron James so as in any type of art. 

My eyes and heart in seeing and capturing stories got stocked. I can't see art and I can't make one. I can't see stories anywhere around me... 

So I looked inside me and I have to express what's inside. All I have to do is look for colors that describes how I felt that moment; I tweaked my camera and took some shots.

Before, I just took this type of photos for fun... But I realized it can be an abstract art, an expression of ones self.


In these series of shots, emotions were expressed through colors and forms...

I know these photos are not that artistic enough for artists but I am contented expressing who I am in my pieces.




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