November is coming, it means ghost and creepy stories are again becoming popular. Thanks to All Souls Day. Though the latter is not about horror stories per se but we can’t do away these kinds of stories when this time comes. 

Am no strangers with creepy stories. Like everyone I have creepy experiences too. I have ghost stories but no elemental horror stories to tell. By the way ghost and elementals are two different things. But am not gonna talk about horror stories, it’ll make me look crazy; what am gonna talk is what scares a lot. 

Imagine walking all alone along the hallway at night; it’s a bit dark and the sound of silence is the only sound you can hear and the sound from your foot steps and later you’ll hear your heart beats faster and you’ll notice you’re breathing heavily. All you wanted to happen at that moment is you’ll reach the exit door immediately and see other human beings like you.

Creepy places make our knees shiver, especially when we hear ghost stories about that place. . .

Or when we see something strange in ordinary places . . . it gives us eerie feelings.

Yes they are all creepy and scary . . . 

But what scares me a lot is when people loses the Sense of sin. When a human being doesn’t know what sin is, when sin becomes ordinary, and when a sinful act becomes normal. This makes human beings the scariest creature than ghost and monsters.

(Thanks to my office mates for allowing me to make this photo)



  1. Yeah. after all it's the people who still exists scares us the most ;)

  2. Yes, its the living we should be afraid of... great shots.



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