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Saturday, October 15, 2016

TREE OF LIFE: Life after the Roxas Night Market Bombing

  It’s been a month now since the Roxas Night Market bombing incident happened killing 15 innocent people. I wondered how and what’s life after the bombing had become on that place.

There's only one way to find out, I have to visit the place. . .
Finally, am back here at the Roxas Night Market again. I haven’t been here since the incident. Not that I was afraid but I don’t have time. I planned many times to visit this place again after work, but I haven’t until now.

One of the many reasons why I came back here was there’s something new here, not only an attraction but a monument in remembrance of those who were wounded and died last September 2, 2016, is the Tree of Life. Raised at the exact place were the bomb exploded.

Locals offered candles and little prayers for the victims.
   Days after the bombing, I knew the businesses were back. The vendors, regardless of fear from another terrorist attack, continued to please local Davaoeños, students, professionals, and tourists with their specialty in street food delicacies, items at Tiange stores and ukay-ukay items. "Tindog Davao" (Stand up Davao) was the feel of the moment. Our City Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte encouraged davaoeños to fight against terrorism not by violence but by standing on our feet conveying to the world 'yes we are afraid but we're not scared from terrorism, we can stand up and live in this city with peace.'

LIFE is still here at the Roxas Night Market. Locals and tourists continued to gather here and bond with their families and friends. It’s a place where people from all walks of life feel satisfied. Yes, who wouldn’t? P50.00 is enough to feed your big appetite here. Don’t worry about the foods, they are clean. A professional back massage will free you from stress for a low cost. Take note, these massage therapists are well trained and professionals.

(This is also the place where the bomb took 15 lives and wounded 80+ innocent people. In front of these massage therapists place is the Tree of Life)

Students from the city eating dinner with their friends. . . 

Locals were having fun bonding with their friends and family. . .

One thing I like about Roxas Night Market is there's no rich or poor, above or below, I am someone and you are nothing status here. All are equally respected. One will never be intimidated to eat or shop here because everyone here are simple. No status quo thing. Do you know the feeling of awkwardness because one feels he or she doesn't belong here or to a certain place because of his or her outfit, or because of his or her skin color, or the way he or she talks? It does not exists here. Everyone here is welcome as who and what you are.

Common street food delicacies here are barbecues: Pork, Chicken, Chorizo, Laman-Loob and Hotdogs

I tried "Pastil" since I tried barbecues many times before. One pack of Pastil for P10.00 only.

More barbecues... 

Manang's Fresh Pandan Juice was great. . . again one glass for P10.00. One can also buy half a glass for P5.00 only

I bought one glass of P10.00... so yummy and thirst-quencher!

One of my favorites... Chicken skin for only P5.00 per stick. Cholesterol be gone. . . or began? LOL!


Roxas Night Market offers only not good yummy foods but also shirts, shoes, dresses displayed from various Tiange stores and ukay-ukayan at a very cheap price. Anyone can make “Tawad” or bargain too, just ask politely the store owner and you can bargain an item into a lower amount.

Roxas Night Market is much more safer now. Police Authorities and 911 are visible anywhere.

If anyone plans to visit Davao City, a must visit is the Roxas Night Market and experience the Davaoeños simple but enjoyable lifestyle. 



  1. Happy to be back here! Roxas Night Market is love :)

  2. Hahaha, yes happy to be back here after the bomb attack :D Still, Davao Life is Here.


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