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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


There are many prescious and meaningful occasions in a child’s life, first smile, first walk, first words, first birthday, baptism, confirmation,  and so on... These occasions are best captured by videos and photographs.

As a person who loves capturing moments, it's always a privilege to take photos of babies because there's something about babies that can't be defined well enough by words but can be immediately felt by the heart; that's their magic and it's one of the most wonderful and memorable experience for the man behind the lens too. 

My titos, titas and cousins with their kids: Erin, Sophia, and Jin visited us last week. It was my first time to meet these 3 adorable kids. Knowing that I take photos, I was requested to take family portrait but few minutes before the shoot, I took the opportunity to photograph my cousin's daughter, Erin the youngest among the three. 

I only made 3 clean shots with Erin because my other cousins' kids took also the opportunity to be in the photograph. Ang kukuleeettt but I had so much fun photographing them. 

I was composing my shot for baby Erin when these two lovable kids joined in the frame. I think the following shots below, even without great composition, are still one of my best shots. Why? because it's the truth, no posing, no directing, no extravagant props, just who they are in front of my lens. . . and kids will be kids who loved to be photographed.

"The Coolits"

With Althea Sophia and Erin.

With Erin and Jin...

Tiny hands and feet, tiny little coo’s, tiny little smiles… ENORMOUS happiness for those who love you, Baby Erin.

I hope someday, Jin, Sophia, and Erin, when we'll meet again, you'll still remember the one who took these photographs. :D


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