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Thursday, March 23, 2017


This is a late upload due to a busy schedule. The 80th Araw ng Davao was celebrated last week. Last March 16, 2017.  I went to San Pedro Street, Davao City to witness the Parada Dabawenyo. I decided to bring only one camera and one lens. 

I was kinda bit lazy that time cause I wasn't feeling a hundred percent well. Well, Health is wealth so I must take extra careful while am doin' my hobby. 

First to open the parade were the uniformed authorities from Davao: Task Force Davao, Army, Police, 911 team, K9 unit to name a few. These group of people was responsible why Davao City is one of the peaceful cities in the world. They have sworn to protect and love their city. The last sentence is the reason why I love this city. I hope it will not change. If ever, it will be for the best of this city.

Government Agencies also joined the parade. Good governance from the authorities brings a city or country at its best. 

Davao City will never be Davao if these tribes aren't here. They played a vital role in this city. We shall never forget our roots because it is from them we become who we are. 

Davaoeños are animal-friendly people. We treat animals with respect. 

The Presidential DU30 dog? hehehe :D

Some schools also participated in the Parada Dabawenyo. 

Beware, photo dump follows :D

Visit Davao City anytime and experience Life is Here! :D


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