Sometimes joining a contest can be cool and exciting thinking if your entry got lucky and sometimes you just feel contented of your entry as a piece of art, not thinking if it hit the judges' standard or not. This post was like the latter.  Last 2015, I was invited and joined a mobile photo contest: ASUS Zenfone 2: "100 days of Zen" wherein you'll choose one of the images given from their website and edit it according to your own way of seeing the picture they provide.

Here's the image I chose from their website:

There was something from this image that tickled my interest. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being in the carousel but I was never given a chance. I had a thought before that when you are in the carousel, an amazing emotion of happiness will be felt.

What if the less fortunate children or any kids of whatever status in life will be given a chance to experience Carousel? (I italicized the word carousel and with capital C, because it doesn't only mean the "carousel" literally, but anything fancy) am sure a magical outburst of emotion will be seen from their faces. 

(Photo above downloaded from

The magical outburst of emotion must be captured and must be treasured. . . 

(Photo above downloaded from

Here's how I visualized the image I chose:

. . . and my final image, Taddaaahhh!

After having experienced carousel, the magical outburst of emotion will be very visible.

I saw many beautiful entries that were submitted to ASUS Zenfone 2 "100 days of Zen", great images, amazing ideas, and jaw-dropping photo manipulation skills. Mine was so amateur but I was happy and contented with how I see the carousel as a way of making kids. . . people happy in reality.