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Monday, May 29, 2017

THE SAXOPHONE (Marion's Version)

Why magic, Isn't it childish? 

Magic is for everyone who has the heart of a child. These are people who aren't childish but having a childlike attitude. There's a huge difference between childish and childlike

Why magic, Isn't it deception?

Magic is not about deception, con men do that, magicians do not. Magic is an art of logic and psychology plus skills incorporated with entertainment value.

Why are you still doing magic?

Why am I still in magic? Because it makes me feel positive, it helps me Think clearly, and it makes me See that life is beautiful, fun, and worth living.

Here's a video clip I made way back in 2009, rendered from Windows XP Movie Maker.  Whoa!!! That was long ago... LOL! 

I hope I you enjoyed my Saxophone... Bwahahaha :D


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