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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Life has something to do with what and how we see. But sometimes what we see ain't what is to be Seen. 


Previously, I posted about how we should see life by Focusing on what matters most. This post is the counterpart of it, Widening our perspective because there are times we focused on what we see yet unconsciously we fall on looking ONLY at things that are convenient to us. . . It's not good!

Photos on this post were taken with Super Wide Angle Clip Lens I bought from my friend. The lens is Japan made. It captures really sharp and clean images (of course, depending on the quality of your camera). The images I took have a GoPro camera effect. A new feel on my images. The lens can be easily attached and detached to my mobile phone. . . just clip it and it's good to go.

I know there are some free apps for mobile phones available for wide/fisheye effect, am not against it, I have one in my phone too but tweaking our camera as it is lessen the image resolution. My advice is let the camera phone stay as it is and add some external lenses for a sharper and clearer images. It doesn't have to be expensive lenses.

Life needs a wide angle perspective, not literally by sight but by how we understand anything that comes in our life. Widening our perspectives is to be learned by many yet innate to some. Just like cameras, some have wide lenses already, others needed some upgrade.

(A wider view of the Almendras Gym, Davao City)

Bird's-Eye View: (I can see almost every happenings on the stage area using a wide angle lens)

We should not limit our attention to one sole idea because there are many windows that need to be seen. 


Super Wide Angle Lenses also comes with a Macro Lens therefore I do not only have a normal view, a wide angle view, I also have a super close view.

Let's master the bird's-eye view but not lose focus on the essentials. It's about distancing but gaining more knowledge and understanding.

Let me end this post with a short story: 

A young man living in mountain was complaining everyday because he keep seeing trees and his world was so small, literally small . 

One day his father tagged him along to the city . He was so amazed how the city looks like . His father glanced at magazine on a magazine stand. The mag had a very beautiful cover picture of a mountain and the young man was so overwhelmed by its beauty . 

The young man's father asked his son to look at his back and the latter saw the mountain in real life . He was more amazed . 

"Dad, it's so amazing, that mountain is really huge and it's tip is kissing the sky " the young man said . 

"My son, that mountain is where we live. You used to complain how little our place is but that's our home , Mt. Apo."


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