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Friday, July 21, 2017


I haven't taken any photos lately. I was giving my self a time to see how to See extra ordinary things our from the ordinary. I wanted to create images that speak something that comes from my own perspective. An image that needs not to be new but something new out from what is given.

This image was taken by my friend Nissi Sunga while he was covering an event last July 14, 2017. I ask him if I can do some edits on some of his shots and he gave me his permission. While I was scanning his shots, I saw this image. It's not a perfect image but it is telling me something, therefore I can say that this image captured a moment. I don't if you can relate to this image but I am. 

The image above is the original version. There are many distractions and we can't clearly see the message. So I will let you see what I've seen on this image. This is my perspective.

It's not the pretty face, it's not the blurred watch and the Rosary, not even the motion blur of her hand... but everything about it is summarized in her eyes.

"The window of the soul"

I am not good in writing so I can't put into words what I have seen and if ever I will put my perspective into writing, I am not letting you See what I have seen but narrates to you what I have seen. 

Photo credit to Mr. Nissi Sunga
Grear used: Nikon D3200 + kit lens


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