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Whoa! You found me! Am glad you found me... :D

My Name is MK. I am the cutest vampire alive. Cutest??? Since childhood, I love hoarding memories and translate them into painting, drawing, and photographs. In 2009 I was hit by Ms. Came Ra and the saga continues. In order to immortalize moments, I did not become someone else, I have to become something else...To the Outside World, I am just an ordinary Health Worker. But to the Inside World, I bite moments and stories, I am VLADIMARION. I see, I click, I tell stories.
(The Flash and Arrow lang ang dating... bwahahaha)

My blog is not like your typical blog. It's all about anything un-beautiful but possesses tremendous beauty as I see it or as the world let me see it. 

Marion's Den came into existence in 2012 as my little tambayan and my dump site of photos I took and a bit of my portfolio. Later, Marion's Den became a photo blog about anything that tells stories.

Stories about anything that are common but not paid attention to. Anything visual but not seen. Anything present but remained unnoticed.


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