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This is not a photoshoot session nor a fun shoot session. I was shooting a wedding anniversary at a certain floor of a Hotel in Davao. While the bride and groom were busy I went to the window and my attention was diverted to this young lady with her friends in the pool.

I thought I saw them first but they saw me first taking pictures of the bride near the window earlier. This particular young lady gestured to me to take photos of her.

She smiled at the time I positioned my camera and click.

I was on the 4th floor and the pool was on the 2nd floor. I grabbed my other camera with the zoom lens and took photos while she was taking photos also with her friends swimming. 

I don't what's with her gesturing me to take photos of her since she know that I cannot give her the photos I took.

What is important is I made someone smile even though it was just in a few seconds.

~ Thank You ~