A Job or Not?


I remember when I was still in the seminary, I was assigned at Matina, Pangi KM 9 for our Pastoral Exposure. After the Holy Eucharist, as usual I plunged into the community. I was still wearing my white Alb.

Later, I was playing with the kids then one kid, about 5 years of age asked me: "Kuya, ngano nakig amigo ka sa amoa?" (Bro, why you befriended us?)

Another kid replied: "Kay mao man na ila trabaho makig amigo." (Because it is their job to befriend us).

I cannot find any words to answer those kids. I just simply smiled at them but at the back of my head I asked my self, WHAT AM I HERE FOR?

We know academically what friendship is, but we don't know how to become one... The question is why?