Bring Home the Bacon

MJ Lastimosa, 27 years old, from Morth Cotabato and a graduate from the University of Mindanao, Davao City is now on her journey of becoming the most Beautiful woman in the universe in Miami for the Miss Universe 2014. Having a beauty is not enough in this competition but being The Beautiful is the essence of this pageant. 

(Throwback photo of MJ in 2008)

MJ believes she has the essence and she is The Beautiful and so all the Filipinos believes on what she believed. With God's Grace and Blessings, our MJ Lastimosa, the Confidently Beautiful woman will shine. We are proud of you, MJ. :)

Photos are grabbed from the net :D
The last photo is a collection of photos I grabbed from the net but I edited it so I put my watermark on it.


  1. Though you did not make it to TOP 5, still congrats for making it to TOP 15, MJ. :D


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