The Magic of Cyrus

Mr. Cyrus Cabrela

Magic exists. To some, it does not, but when one perspire to achieve his dreams and become successful with it, it is magic.

To prove that statement true, here's my PRO-FILE #2:

Once a magician, always a magician. I am introducing to the world my good friend, a proud dabawenyo, Mr. Cyrus Cabrela, a magician, a ventriloquist, a performer, an entertainer and above all a good man. I am proud of this man. 

I've known this man since 2007. He was still a student that time at DCSP (DMMA College of Southern Philippines). Seeing him perform magic tricks (that time when he was not yet the so called "Cyrus the Magician") together with his friends at San Pedro Street, Davao City was an entertainment. Indeed he is a very talented man.

(Davao Silver Ace Magic)

As a member of the Davao Mystique Magic Community, I am saying that Davao Silver Ace Magic is our true brothers in the magic community in Davao City during that time when our group was still active. . . until today. 

 Cyrus, as he is often known, profess his skills in the magic world from a street performer to competing in many magic competitions.  In 2010, 1st Runner-up of the Araw ng Dabaw Magic Competition; Champion of the DMMA got Talent 2010; 1st Runner up at the Alaska Talent Contest 2011... He did not stopped there... 

Now, a degree holder, he is still performing his magic acts. What I mean about performing is , it is his Job/Service to kids having birthday parties, to people who wanted to see him perform; to everyone... He perform also in Corporate Events, anywhere around Mindanao and soonest all over the Philippines (all around the world too). 

Cyrus as a magician is not simply a mere magician who perform acts without connecting to his audiences. Cyrus connects. That is one of the most important rule of a magician more than mastering a trick. What is a mastered trick but do not connect to the audience, the act is nothing. 

In the same way, kids and adults are connecting to Cyrus' magic acts too, even to us magicians. We know how the act is done, but when Cyrus performs it, there is something different... it is entertaining.

To some people, being a magician is not a good job because it is not a good business. But to a real magicians, it is not only a business, it is not only a way of living, it is Life. 

(With Ms. Regine Tolentino)

This is Cyrus Cabrela... Davao Magician!!!

Cyrus with the Local and International Magicians

Cyrus' success in the magic industry comes with his sweat. Being persistent in this field is one of the many keys to become a successful magician. This man created magic in his life: "From nothing to something" may be a phrase for impossibility but this man did it. the point is , strive hard and never give up on your dreams. . . and you will see magic. 

If you want to to be entertained with magic, comedy and superb entertainment, contact Cyrus and you will be filled with magic and laughters.

(The PITIKER with Alakim de Paz of Pilipinas Got Talent , Cyrus and the Davao Magicians.)

Photos: From Cyrus' Facebook Account

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