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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Treasures among treasures
by: Marion

"Where your treasure is, there your heart is." Been hearing this line many times. Maybe a hundred times like a mantra in my everyday journey towards life. The last time I heard this...  I asked my self Do I have Treasures?

Many people seek treasures. They go nuts buying expensive equipment to trace precious items... spend lots and lots of money to hire workers to dig for treasures. It's their own business and I don't mind it at all.

I have Treasures yet not so many and not so few... I put them in a not so secret place... it can be seen, it can be shared but it is always protected. A Prism Tower will strike you once you will do something stupid with/in/on them. It is also protected with a state of the art preservation system called REMEMBERING endorsed (if that's the right word) by, not a supermodel but by our Model the Blessed Virgin Mary. (if you're curious about it, know how the Blessed Virgin Mary Remembers). 

I don't have treasures but I have Treasures... What is it? YOU!

Never expected to have this gifts... and it's my pleasure to take good care of these treasures.

For my Treasures: 
"We've been together for quite a while and all those moments you've been such good friends... all of you gave life more meaning... and I will always Treasure You in my heart... so here we are, I want to say Thank You for giving me the chance to be your friend and to own a Treasure in my life. 



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