1st LOVE


During my childhood days until I graduated College, painting, drawing and sketching was my hobby. This was my first love. 

Just like any relationships I got discouraged because art materials were too expensive. I could only afford a cheap pencil and an oslo paper, a cheap paintbrush and cheap latex paints for my colors while my co-leagues uses expensive professional brushes and canvasses as well as pencils and colors.

I Stopped... I shifted to camera as my brush, RAW file as my canvass... 
(expensive too, but it is an investment.)
But then I realized, Art is being creative. I've known this before... but only few days ago it came into my senses what this means: Materials are just tools and not the thing that makes a piece. 

As a man who take photos, I know that it is not the camera that matters, it is the man behind the camera that makes his piece, so as a painter or sketcher, it is not the brush or pencil that matters, it is the man that creates his piece. 

~ Thank you ~