Ronald + Joy

"I DO" 
(Ronald and Joy)

Marriage is like Voltron or Voltes V; not one but two yet ONE. A married couple becomes powerful facing the world’s challenges. One must be the other and the other must be the one to become the powerful couple by remembering and saying (not literally means uttering it, but by action) “I DO” every day.

If one of the five (5) Voltron or Voltes V member gives up, the powerful Voltron, defender of the universe or Voltes V, Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V will never be complete so as to marriage. When the partner gives up, the powerful couple will not survive the world’s challenges.

Never give up...

Save the other...

Face the world together, forever!!!

 PHOTO:    Marion Kit Benedict Talisic
                   Kristin Grace Talisic
 HMUA:      Debbie Joy Lumagod


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  1. Oy naa si loyloy diay diri. Ikaw diay nag picture nila, kit?



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