“Change The Way You See Happiness”

“Change The Way You See Happiness”
by: Marion Kit

"Carrying what is essential"

The world is in fast phase towards change and modernization... and Happiness adapted a new kind of meaning. It is now associated with what the world offers.

The society offers many things and it constantly create "needs" for humanity. Man must have this, a woman must have that... if we don't have this or possess that, if we don't do this or that, we don't belong to this world and happiness will be distant from us. What kind of happiness do we seek and need? Is it the Happiness or just happiness?

If we want to be Happy, choose to be happy. Carry only the essentials in Life as we travel this journey of life. Travel Life lightly.

I took the photo above with my humble smartphone to show a story/analogy that Travelling Light is free of the hustles and bustles of carrying extra baggage in this fast changing world of modernization; we can move fast and in a seconds we can hop in here and hop on there without thinking about our stuffs we left behind, or the burden of weight of our stuffs etc., etc. Just like in life, too many unnecessary baggage hinder us from being happy.

"An escape to happiness?"

Carry the essentials only because (I prefer to use the words in tagalog coz it’s better and deeper) “Kung ano ang dinadala mo, sya rin ang magdadala sa iyo.” If our hearts desire power/money for our happiness, we will do anything, at the expense of using and hurting others, just to possess power/money; If we desire drugs, then we will dry our brains, dude; If we desire alcohol everyday to forget our problems in life, it will lead us to bigger problems;  If we desire carnal pleasure, we will ruin not just our life but others' life too. . . and worse, we will have STI/HIV/AIDS. If we carry anger in our heart, we might end up hurting others or in prison.

Let's put these essentials in our heart's back pack: first, an action word called Love; second, another action word called Forgiveness; third, another action word called Trust; and fourth, the most important thing we should carry in our heart is God. . . Be Theotokos, be a God Bearer... and everything follows. :D

It's like Huawei P9, it's essential in my street photography. With this phone I don't have to worry carrying my bulky camera + lenses+ camera bag anymore, I have to carry only one that has everything I need . Huawei P9’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others. Huawei P9 levels up mobile photography with its professional outputs. It helps photographers capture what is not seen by many to be shared to the majority.



  1. i love your thoughts about happiness, but we cant blame people for being such since 21st century is revolving and taking over!by the way nice review about huawei P9

  2. @Anonymous, yup we can't blame them but we can help them see what true happiness is... For those who See, its our task to remind them or let them have what the world has to offer about happiness. But its still up to us. . .


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