by: Marion Kit

The Bicycle Shadow Master Edition Deck of Card is produced by Ellusionist. This deck looks like an ordinary Bicycle 808 Rider Back playing cards but they are of higher quality finish. The Ace of Spades comes with a brand new design as well as the tuck box. 

The Master Edition Deck last longer than an ordinary 808 rider back deck. 
Good for Card manipulation and Street Magic. It fans perfect. Springs perfect.  
The Masters Edition has a UV500 Air-Flow Finish, which makes the cards tougher and stay slippier longer compared to ordinary 808 rider back which has an Air-Cushion Finish only.

This is my Master Deck edition purchased last 2009 and used last 2009 up to 2010 and still usable at this moment. Though it can't fan perfectly anymore after almost 7 years but it is a still very powerful deck.

For us magicians this is not an ordinary tuck box. It is more than a box.

As you can see, my card edges are brownish because of its "antiquity" but each single cards are still durable.

I used this deck last 2009-2010 during my street/close-up performances and up to now I can still use it for any performances but I am preserving this deck now. 

When I hold this deck, there's a unique feel compared to a regular deck of cards. It's thick, smooth, and the control is great during card manipulation.

I am happy I own one red Bicycle Masters Edition Deck. 


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