Boredom is not always bad, it makes one do something... hopefully the good ones.

What is boredom? It is the state of being bored... and this is the time where I am all alone by my self in the midst of everyone or literally alone. Sounds negative? Yes but nay! it's just how human beings think of it. I see being bored is my opportunity to unlock some locked doors in my mind. It's my time to think of something new, or something I haven't done for long time.

When boredom strikes, its the time to be creative.

I am not the best in doodle, sketching, painting, or drawing, not even close to be called "good," I just know how to draw what's in my mind. LOL!

The state of being bored is not negative. It's a normal state of a human being when he/she has nothing to do. What makes it negative is the "choice" to overcome boredom. If one chooses something awful things when bored, then it is in the negative state.


I was assigned at the front desk for a day and it's not a busy day so I was alone on the desk waiting for clients and telephone calls. I brought a pen, pencil, and borrowed some scratch papers to do something fruitful for my self so I can't sleep. 

I am a Marian lover since my elementary and high school  days even up to my Philosophy and Theology days. The Blessed Virgin Mary influenced me a bit so most of what I draw is about how She is (in my opinion) and maybe how she sees and wanted to see the world today.

Boredom makes one see ones soul.