Boredom is not always bad, it makes one do something... hopefully, the good ones.

What is boredom? It is "the state of being bored"... HAHAHA!!!  my boredom became 

Seriously, the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. Sounds negative? Yes but nay! It's just how human beings think of it. Being bored is one of my opportunities to unlock some locked doors in my mind. It's my time to think of something new, or something I haven't done for a long time.

When boredom strikes, it's the time to be creative.

I am not the best in doodle art, sketching, painting, or drawing, not even close to being called "good," I just have the guts to draw the things in my mind. LOL!

The state of being bored is not negative. What makes it negative is the "choice and the action" of overcoming boredom. If one chooses something awful things when bored, then it is in the negative state.


I was assigned at the front desk for a day, it's not a busy day so I was alone on the desk waiting for clients and telephone calls. I took my pen, pencil, and borrowed some scratch papers to do something fruitful for my self... 

I am a Marian lover since my elementary and high school days even up to my Philosophy and Theology days. The Blessed Virgin Mary influenced me a bit so most of my drawings are about her.

Boredom makes one see one's soul. 




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