This Diary is not your usual diary, this is a Diary of a Charlatan.

This is what happens when you're a dreamer and a bit knowledgeable about art and Photoshop. . .  you can do and go anywhere you want.

I am a fan of super heroes be it DC or Marvel or Anime. They are all heroes to me and at one point in life, DC and Marvel heroes taught me how to draw and even made me create my own comic books when I was in college. 

It's always been a dream that I can be one of them. Well, it's just a kids dream but why not fulfill it. Call me crazy or what but am having fun materializing this dream. Hehehe.

So, welcome to my other world, the MK World!

Okay it's the Mortal Kombat 3 logo... but this is the whole idea of this so called "diary".

Here we go...

I beat the Super Saiyan Hero Gokou by entering the body of One Punch Hero Saitama.

Wolvie and Jubilee were fooled by the Mind Manipulator MK... LOL!

It was fun performing card miracles with the DC Characters. . .

as well as with the Marvel Characters. They were on guard because they were thinking am gonna hypnotized them. LOL!
 The X-man Gambit wasn't here though... It would be fun teaming up with Marvel's best Cardist. bwahahaha!!!

This may be a senseless post but to me it's one of my many ways travelling inwards to connect with my inner child.

Sometimes we should connect with our inner child. It only not makes us relax but it gives us many many answers to the question "WHO I AM?"


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