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Friday, December 23, 2016


Time for the Examination of Consciousness before presenting ourselves for the Celebration of the Nativity Day of our Lord Jesus Christ. . . 

TINTA is a Tagalog word for Ink. Ink is defined as a colored fluid used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating. However, metaphorically, it can also mean anything that marks. 

Writers, authors, journalists uses pen and computers for their write-ups and articles. . . 

Painters, sketchers, draftsmen uses pen, paint and brushes for their canvass. . . 

Businessmen, Advertisers, Sellers uses prints for their tarpaulins and banners. . . 

Directors, Filmmakers, Photographers uses cameras for their photos and videos. . . 

You, Me, They uses our Mind and Heart for our fellow human beings. . . 

Yes, They, you, me are an "Ink" too. . .  we wrote stories in/with/to/for anyone's life we personally encounter, and they do the same to us, without using any words. 

What we do describes our stories' genre.


So my question is How did we used our Inks in 2016?


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