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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


It was a lazy-rainy afternoon of January but it was not kinda like Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song." I wanted to go somewhere but not going anywhere. I wanted to do something that triggers the so called "Adrenaline Rush" but not really moving... I told you it was a lazy-rainy afternoon of January.

My eyes searched my room and I saw my cheap plastic dinosaur toys so Dino World came into my mind. I wanna be there with them, like in the Jurassic Park with the dangerous-eating-flesh dinosaurs. I took my mobile phone, LED flashlight, and my cheap dino toys. I went outside our house and... Voila! I was in the land of the dinosaurs. Geeee... I have a beautiful mind isn't it? or a crazy one. The latter fits best. I don't care. This is the benefit of being an artist-wannabe... I can do anything I want and be at any place and time I needed to. 

I love toys and art. Combining these two I can embark on a different kind of journey of adventure, fun and extraordinary experience. 

Toys tickle our childhood memories, our fantasies and imagination. Photography captures these moments and share it to others. 

Toy Photography is challenging. It is not just click and click, it is giving toys the life-like feels. 

It is abstracting the real-feel from the plastic-feel of a toy. We can only do this by becoming part of it. Experiencing the feel of the moment. There was a saying that "We can't share what we don't have" so as in Toy Photography, we can't make the feel if we are not part of the experience. 

What's best in Toy Photography? It has no mistakes. All you have to do is be with your imagination, apply your knowledge in photography, and having fun with your mis/adventure.

It was a lazy-rainy afternoon of January but I was feeling the adrenaline rush when I was in the Jurassic Era.

I hope you enjoyed my trip to the Jurassic World.


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