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Sunday, April 16, 2017


Today is the day! This is not a post of happy-happy things during the long holiday break. You know me, I am a contradiction. This is a post of a simple but Amazing Happiness that can't be found on/in/at any places but within our hearts.

Today is the day! I was looking through my window and saw this sunflower bloom as the ray of the sun touched her face. We all know that the sunflower doesn't look good when there is no Sun. And there, a realization of a Great Unconditional Love hit me. 

Today is the day, it's Easter Sunday, the Lord has risen and it means a lot for me. This is my Easter Sunday reminded by a sunflower. So, I took my camera and photographed this amazing instrument of God to remind me that I am Loved by God despite being who I am; that I can still look up to Him in spite of being unworthy.

Today is the day that reminded me how amazing Christ Love to His people. He’s a King, not only a king but a King of Kings who died for me, for you, for us. I became who I am, accepted and I belong to this world because He was rejected and condemned; and my sins were forgiven because He was forsaken, tortured, and executed on the cross like a criminal to save me/you/us . . . just to save me/you/us from our sins. Who am I worthy of such sacrifice? Maybe you or some people out there are worthy, but I tell you I am not. Amazing Love, how can it be? Only Jesus can.

Today is the day I realized again, emphasizing on realized again that every day God pours out His Amazing Love to us. Like how the sun touches the face of the sunflower and it made her smile and stood up with heads up high. Sacrifices, Pains, Hurts will be surpassed if we let God touch our life and let Him live in our hearts for what is life without Him; even Alfred Nietzsche who once said that God is dead, but in his death bed he proclaimed in his that life without God in empty.

Today is the day for us to See how much He Loves us. No one can ever do how Jesus loved and loving us. A Great King, a Great God, an Amazing Lover loving us unworthy human being.

Today is the day, again, that in all I do I will honor You, my King and my God.



  1. Sunflowers are my favorite! Great photos.

  2. Cool... We have lots of sunflowers but I never thought of taking pictures of it. Hmmmm

    1. Sunflowers are great for pictures. Why not try taking photos of them, sir


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