I was given the opportunity to edit a picture of a very cute baby. I was so amazed when I saw the original picture though there were some elements in the picture that's not supposed to be there which is why the owner of the picture asked me if I could remove those elements. I accepted the request because the baby was so cute...  not only because I can do it, Hey, am not a master of post processing photos but again, the baby was so cute. :D

The photo below is the original picture sent to me via mobile sharing app. By the way, the original picture was taken with Oppo F1s rear camera.

With some tweaking, I successfully removed some elements from the picture. Request granted. . . 

But I made some steps further and proceeded to how and what I Saw from the original picture. It's so magical that it can take away your burdens and you can't help yourself but be amazed. 

This is how the picture expressed its story to me: "Peace and Joy have come to me so I will share them back to you." I am pretty sure that that's not the real story of the picture when it was taken but the picture speaks a thousand words.

I was very happy to know that the owner of the picture was happy when I gave back the pictures (plural now because I gave her two more pictures).  

Thank you for sharing the baby's story. 


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