I took this photo last 2014 during the Mindanao Cosplay Summit (MCS). This was my last shoot about cosplay. I never had the chance to shoot cosplay again because of my busy schedule as a full-time office worker.

The photo below is the original shot I took during the MCS.

I did some enhancing on the colors, intensity, brightness, and contrast. I also cropped the image to emphasized my subject better and added flare to make it more realistic because there was a spotlight above her that's supposed to cause a flare from the sword but it didn't because her sword was made up from wood. 

I thought am done with the image but upon studying the result I wasn't pleased enough with what I've done. Something was still missing. I cannot figure it out at first then I started seeing clearly the photo that I wanted to happen. 

Then I started making the image that I saw...

I used this photo stock I saw from google because it's the right image that I was thinking of. Credit to the owner of this image. Sorry if I can't clearly read the owner's watermark.

And finally, here's what I saw from the original photo I took.

This might not be the best image for the experts but am happy with it because this was how I see it.


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