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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Photography helps us see life's beauty, disaster, hopes, love, pain,  joy, sufferings, achievements, mistakes, up and downs through our camera. More to it, photography helps us see life even if we do not use a camera.

I wrote down some of my observation (some might have said the same about these too) about what is happening today in our everyday life. It's not about the Philippine Economy or violence or politics, it's about what's happening around us (including my self of course)

1. No man is an island, but we are islands of our own with our virtual world.

2. We are created rational but most of the time we don't act like one.

3. We seek for a love that lasts forever but are afraid of or never believes in commitment.

4. We are crazy by falling in love, but foolish by hurting the one we love.

5. We seek happiness but we create more problems than solutions.

6. We seek for meaning but only see meaning if it fits on our ideology. 

7. There are many fishes in the ocean but there is only one Nemo among the clown fish species.

8. Men kept asking for change but we never changed our bad attitude.

9. We love traveling to have fun, to gain more knowledge, to grow, but we never travel within ourselves. Thus. . .

10. Ask someone if they know about a certain person, or about a person's culture, work, or his/her interest, he/she can answer you in seconds. But, ask him/her about who he/she is, you'll get an answer about their profession, what they do, their status quo, his/her passion, interest but cannot answer correctly the question WHO he/she is.

11. We work hard for wealth but forget that health is wealth.

12. We created gadgets to aid us but we became slaves by it.

If you have read the 12 observations, I salute you for your time. 


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