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Monday, February 5, 2018


As I enter in my week 5 of this photo challenge, many of my friends asked me why am I photographing things that aren't pretty and pleasing to the eyes like Instagrammable places, beautiful spots like tourist spots, models, or foods with great presentations? Maybe you are wondering too. Well, am gonna answer it with a question, why are you taking photographs of such beautiful places, of a beautiful model, or of foods? Is it because everyone is taking photos of it, or because you have seen it in blogs, magazines, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?

Photography is an art of recording light, recording moments, recording stories, not just recording beautiful places, faces, or things. If everyone photographs a flower, why not photograph the stem? If everybody takes pictures foods, why not take photos of the frying pan where the food is cooked? I photograph not because everybody likes the subjects, I photograph because I like it and it speaks of something to me. 


"The Speedster"

The hand is quicker than the eye... am just way, way, way ahead of you

Gear: Starmobile UP Vision



Thimble is a small hard pitted cup worn for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing but it’s not just thimbles for sewing; magicians see it beyond what it is; magicians see it more than a household tool; magicians see thimble as a powerful object that makes it stand out. And like the humble thimble, your life might be so ordinary BUT never give up life, because there is Someone who can See you more than what you know about who you are and that Someone will make you stand out.

Gear: Starmobile UP Vision



Gear: Starmobile UP Vision


It's February already... I hope I can take and make better photographs than last month.

"Dirty Sky"

Gear: Starmobile UP Vision


"Gloomy Morning"

Gear: Starmobile UP Vision


"Proof of being worth it"

A pencil cannot be a pencil unless it is sharpened by a blade.
Gear: Starmobile UP Vision



Differences are not made to jangle but to complement one from the other 

Gear: Starmobile UP Vision

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