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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A tastes of Patience: Mang Danny's Ice Cream

DAVAO's BEST: Mang Danny's Ice Cream, Worth to Line for

Filled with various kinds goods and ukay-ukay stalls, Roxas Avenue of Davao City is alive at night... this is the night market of Davao City. 

Among the array of goods and foods, there is one spot where people lined up patiently for hours from this corner to that corner. I am not exaggerating here because I experienced more than an hour lining up, and always witnessed this scenario every time I am in Roxas Ave. 

(People from different walks of life lined up just for this one spot)

As early as 6 PM, customers from grass roots to those being born with silver spoon patiently lined up just to taste the new craze in town, Mang Danny's Ice Cream. 

Mang Danny's Ice Cream? Yes, not known like other commercial ice creams yet people here are going nuts just to taste this ice cream. Mang Danny is a 60 year old man named Dionilo dela Torre. He sells Ice cream more than half of his life and for 46 years of experimenting flavors of his ice cream, he finally nailed it; no wonder why customers loved his' than his other competitors. It is not just luck why he is chosen by many, it is a taste of patience of Mang Danny's. 

(A kid that entertained us during our more than an hour patiently waiting for our turn to taste Mang Danny's Ice Cream)

Mang Danny was 14 years old when he started his Ice Cream business. When he got married, he moved to Davao City to sell ice cream and his family relies on this business. Before, Mang Danny funded his children's studies with hard work selling ice cream in town. He roams around Claveria street and Sta. Ana street during day time under the heat of the sun. 

Mang Danny, driven by passion and motivation to support his family decided to improved the taste of his product. He loved to experiment, he wanted his ice cream to taste the best... he aspired going home with empty tubes in his ice cream cart. He did everything to be the best ice cream maker and it's recognized by his customers. 

Early in the morning Mang Danny buy fresh fruits in the market and make his delicious ice cream. Mang Danny prepares his product by himself because  he wanted it to be perfect. 

An excerpt of Mang Danny's Story at Sun Star Davao

Every night Mang Danny sells ice cream on his spot at the night market at Roxas Ave. One time the weather was not good, it was raining hard, he went to his spot to tell the people at the night market he cannot sell ice cream. When he got to his spot, he noticed a long line of customers waiting for him despite of the heavy rain. Mang Danny went back to his house and grabbed his cart full of Ice Cream and served the long line of customers with his product.

Photo above: From the net

A taste of patience,Mang Danny's Ice Cream... it is not only because customers are lining up for hours to taste his delicious ice cream, but it is Mang Danny's success in life. 

It is Davao's Best: Mang Danny's Ice Cream, Worth to line for...

(Princess C.'s Php.30.00 of Mang Danny's Ice Cream)

Sorry for the blurred photo my cp cam can't focus correctly.. ouch! 

🍦Mang Danny's Ice Cream🍦

Is now open for made to order:

For orders cont:0916-928-4789

Photo above: grabbed from the net


Mang Danny's Ice Cream is now at NCCC MALL, Maa, Davao City.
I lined up again last February 21, 2016 at 11:30AM up 1:06 PM till I had my Ice Cream.
Customers were not that many (of course, it's still morning and the opening of the mall is 10:00 AM)

Still Mang Danny's Ice Cream is the best



  1. I've lined up with the crowd for about 2 hours just to taste Mang Danny's Ice Cream at Roxas St. Davao City. After all the hassle finally after tasting Mang Danny's Ice Cream, OMG... I was so refreshed from the tiresome line up... SOOOOOO YYUUUUMMMMMYYYYY!!!!

    - Fan of Mang Danny's

  2. nice photos and information

  3. Thanks. Indeed Mang Danny's Ice cream is one of the best.

  4. How tasty is his ice cream? Is worth a sacrifice as you've said?


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