20 Woman's Portrait Poses Tips

This article is not only for pro-photographers but for anyone who wanted to learn about how to take portrait photography. 

It does not matter what kind of camera you are holding: DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Bridge, Mobile Phone Cams, what matters is HOW you take a photo and how you enjoyed taking photos.

This is not a crash course in photography but a helpful tips for those who want to have a good portrait shot and a reminder for us and for me.

There were times that I run out of ideas on how to pose my client (bride, debutant) or anyone who wanted to have a photo either for portfolio or for profile picture on their social media so I started researching poses and there were so many in the internet world. "Just google it" and voila...

Here are some of the output of my research:

NOTE: Photos and words below are not mine. Credit to the authors of these series of pics. I just arranged them for better looking and ease of understanding.

Poses for Men's Portrait will be posted soon.


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