It is being said that a picture says a thousand words. Yes it is. One picture is composed of many words, many sentences, and many paragraphs. A story is told in a picture but sometimes only few can hear what is not being uttered, only few can read what is written not by letters, and understand what is not literally conveyed.

My type of photography is Street photography. Not everyone like it, but I love it. There's something in street photography that satisfies my self compared to other forms of photography that I do. 

I shoot not because it's beautiful to see but what I feel about a certain situation. 

"Morning peek"

"Pokemon hunt"

"One more step and you'll succeed!"

"I'll come back tomorrow"


"Averting eyes"

"You really can't judge what's inside the cover"

"Safety first"

"My tool"


"Light and darkness"

****THANK YOU****

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