Burger King (BK) wasn't new to me. I've heard it many times before but haven't had a taste of it because it's not yet available in my city. Lately, there were whispers that BK will soon rise up in Davao City (there's one in Buhangin, Davao City as of December 26, 2017). I was so curious about their burgers cause I love burgers.

I was in Cebu on the first week of December 2016, an outlet of BK at SM Seaside caught my attention. Now is my chance, I better try this now or I have to wait when it opens in Davao.

This was my first. I don't know what's their best seller so I just asked the crew what's their best burger that's also best for  my pocket. Am not RK to order and try everything and am no food blogger were almost everything comes free... I just want to try BK cause am curious and am craving for burgers. Kamo daw galaway sa kahumot sa burger bi di ba daw mo gutomon?

 BK's crew here, I don't know her name, was so kind and  accommodating. She generously helped us choose what's best for our taste and for our pockets. She wasn't sales talking, she was helping a poor man who wanted to taste and experience their yummy burgers. I hope every crew of BK were good as her.

We ordered the Freshly Flame-Grilled Doubles and the Freshly Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger. It comes with . . .  Why am I narrating it, ma-wrong gramming na sad ko ani bwahahaha... Look at the pictures na lang. LOL!

Their Freshly Flame-Grilled burgers was true, ang iniiiiiiiitttt!!! :)

Oh, diba lami? Yup, their burgers were delicious.

And one last thing, I wanna try this food-blogger-instagram style shot... 

The very first thing I noticed when I stepped inside was the place was clean, neat, and properly arranged. The ambiance, even if it was inside SM was still relaxing and the feel was you-belong-here. I hope Davao BK outlets (yeah, plural) will have this the same feel.

We were satisfied at BK as well as our tummies and pockets. Certainly I love to come back at BK and visit BK's outlet anywhere in the world.  
Naa diay koy Visa? Wala man bwahahaha!!!

BURGER KING @ Cebu SM Seaside, Lower Ground Floor, SM Seaside City Cebu, South Coastal Road corner Mambaling Extension, South Road Properties, Cebu City.


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