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Monday, December 19, 2016


In ancient times, castle's are built on top of mountain or hill for protection against enemies and reverence to the king and queen of the kingdom. Temple of Leah lies almost on top of the Busay hill in Cebu City. 

Temple of Leah was built because of a husband's love to his wife. Teodorico Soriano Adarna constructed this temple as a sign and symbol of how much he loved his late wife, Leah  Villa Albino Adarna. An undying husband's love to his precious wife.

The Temple's theme is Greco-Roman (ɡrɛkoʊˈroʊmən) style. When you get there as if time warps back to an era where love, religion, and wisdom were given importance, the Greco-Roman time.

"When Love and Skills are combined, expect a masterpiece."

I've seen this famous archer in the social media many times; now I am here seeing it in my own naked eyes... so, I also took a snap on it. Kayo lang ba pwede mag pic neto ng ganito? Ako din oi... Hahahaha

Here's Leah Adarna... Pretty isn't she? No wonder why Ellen Adarna is very pretty too. 

But there's one thing I noticed, I couldn't get some clean shots. Whenever I composed and aim my lens, many tourists just simply ignored me taking a shot and they'll do some selfies in front of my lens.

So, if I can't take a clean shot, am gonna include them in my shots...

... Or take a shot while they are taking their shots.

Temple of Leah is an awesome place. A must visit place in Cebu City.


If you do not have any private vehicle or van rental, if you're like me, "Wa koy car!!!" better commute and head to Lahug at JY Square Mall and look for a habal-habal (a single motorcycle). 

If you love haggling (Hangyo/tawad pa more), do it cause you can convince the driver to lower the price. We paid P300.00 pesos for 2 persons (duha lang kapasahero sa isa ka motor and please use helmet samtang gasakay sa motor) for 3 stops, Temple of Leah, Sirao, and Tops Lookout. If you're kind enough you can give tip to the driver for the "Waiting Fee." (Tip diay ang waiting fee? bwahahaha... kaloy-i na lang ang driver nga gahulat sa gawas samtang ga enjoy ka sulod hehehehe :D)

Entrance Fee for Temple of Leah is P50.00 per person as of December 2016. Fee is subject to change without prior notice :D


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