I am a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers since the 90's. I've watched every episode of it from season 1 to its final season plus the two movies they had on the wide screen.

On the 24th of March of 2017, the 90's hit came back on the wide screen.
I was invited by my friends to watch it and I did not hesitate to accept the invitation, of course, am an MMPR fan. 

It's so nice to see these characters back once again:

(NOTE: I do not own the photos below. How I wish they are mine)

Here are some things to know about MMPR:

1. Obviously, they have new actors. Who are these guys? watch the movie and find out who they are. LOL! :P

RJ Cyler

Dacre Montgomery

Naomi Scott

Becky G.

Ludi Lin

2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the First (Original) Power Ranger in the US but it's the 16th Power Rangers in Japan called Zyu Rangers.

US: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

JAPAN: Zyu Rangers

3. The Fight Scenes from the US MMPR series were Stock Footage from Japan's Zyu Rangers.

4. The famous Rita Repulsa, in the US TV Series season 1 was also a stock footage from the Japanese series. The character was played by Machiko Soga as Bandora (Rita Repulsa in English TV Series)

5. In the Season 2 onward of the US TV Series, the actress who played the character of Rita Repulsa was a Filipina named Carla Perez.

In 1995, Julia Cortez, an Australian actress took over the role of Rita over Carla in the Power Rangers the movie.

In 2017 Power Ranger Reboot, Rita was played by Elizabeth Banks

6. Tommy Oliver is the only ranger with many colors: Green, White, Black, and Red.

That's all for now. If you have some knowledge about the MMPR that you want to share, feel free to share it below. 


NOTE: All photos used in this post comes from the net. 

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