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Saturday, April 1, 2017


Cebu is one of the many places that offers mouth-watery-delicious foods. She is filled with countless of resto's, pastry shops and cafes to choose from. New shops opens every now and then offering unique designs and creative innovations to satisfy their clients' need. But there is this one shop that capture the heart of Cebuanos as well as to many tourists. This shop had her name established already but she remained in the heart of her faithfuls. The shop is called "FUDGE". She never failed to deliver her sweetness to everyone's expectations. 

Fudge is known for her comfort foods and desserts. . . 

The place was like home, you'll never felt out of place. . . 

. . . Even if you are alone here, the place is yours and it doesn't matter if you have company or not because Fudge makes sure that you'll feel that this is your home.

Since Fudge is known for its sweetness, I tried their milk shake choco... it really quenched my thirst. :D

Fudge have good selections of big meals also. Since I am here during lunch time, I have to eat big meals cause am a voracious eater... LOL! Tried their Baby Back Ribs and Beef Salpicao. Damn so yum and I was really satisfied.

Another thing also: Fudge's crew really put an effort to serve their dish with details that makes their servings pleasing to the eyes and can build up one's appetite just by looking at it. 

The experience in Fudge was really amazing and kinda gave me a good impression. Yes I am impressed and am definitely love to go back at Fudge. Definitely I'll go back at Fudge because I haven't tried their Lava Cake with Vanilla. I heard it's one of their best.

Thank you KT Travel and Tours for making this adventure possible.


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